From Robin Hood to James Bond you and your friends or colleagues can star in any of these roles where the resulting movie will be the highlight of the event. With the help of our creative team let it be a party or a special event (company Christmas parties, anniversaries, weddings), we can provide different types of entertainment. From special make-up, costumes or an action movie scene with our professional film shooting crew all can become reality.

What we offer

Let's say you can spare one day for a team building or just a few hours where you would like to offer your employees something out of ordinary. We combine your company's strategy within one creative event where your employees will have the leading role in your image movie producing a unique internal marketing material for your platforms. The employees are starring as the main actors in the company's film which will incorporate the vision, mission and goals of such.

The final product will be presented as one of the main attractions of the night.The resulting movie containing your brand and employees which in our experience will be shared among themselves faster then, a viral video and is a better and memorable present than any other promotional gift.

We combine our skills with such techniques to form a highly creative identity that is meant to effortlessly communicate your brand’s character to your target audience.

Art Direction

Our creative team can serve worldwide demands of any type no matter the circumstance and the basic idea with the ”best-of-breed” inspired team being able to serve any location. What sets 16 minutes of fame aside is our professional film crew with ability to create beautiful images.

With extensive experience in the film industry our crew shot several company image films and commercials. These films are created to form the basis of a marketing campaign or to extend the communication of an existing brand with the participation of your employees building the loyalty and the strong bond.

From the formation of a new film project our creative team will orchestrate their efforts to fulfill the client’s strategic objectives used, analyzing the company’s brand and all communicational material to reach a personalized visual concept. During the filming day the participants are getting familiarized with the behind the scene mysteries not being aware that they are already part of the company’s pre-planned script to which is going to be revealed to them as one of the surprises of the night. This is a combination of both at this point, a company image film and a team building as well.


Our professional crew is well equipped with the latest technology known in the film industry. A wide variety of visual effects, sound and motion picture are available to serve our client’s needs.

Choosing the location is up to you. Our main crew is based in Budapest, a rising filming location as a one of the most popular movie sets adapted and chosen by Hollywood filmmakers throgh which the crew has gained experience.

Mobility and flexibility is one of our strengths which allows us to serve worldwide requests. The crew has built up a large portfolio, being able to organize all-inclusive trips linking team building with sightseeing as well.

The 16 minutes of fame crew is a group of expert professionals with an artistic perspective having an academic background in filmmaking with an extensive track record; offering a solution that strategically achieves the desired goals and effectively communicates your identity to your desired audience.

The company image movie will open the gates of communication between the employees and the employer from which both parties could benefit on the long run; whistle creating long lasting memeories and employee loyalty since it provides ROI delivered on time and on budget.